Boulder 1160 Stereo Amplifier First in New 1000 Series lineup

Boulder Amplifiers has announced the 1160 stereo high-power amplifier, which is the first model to be introduced in the new 1000 Series.

While featuring aspects of the company’s previous offerings – mainly the unique heatsink configuration, which has been refined with radii and curves, and massive three-phase-style AC inlet – the new 1160, however, features a host of new technologies and circuit refinements.

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Bowers & Wilkins Opens Australian Office

Bowers & Wilkins or, more affectionately, B&W, has expanded its corporate branch offices network by opening Bower & Wilkins Australia, a new subsidiary. From August 1, B&W Australia will market its products in Australia from its new office in Chatswood NSW.

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Special Tidal Offer for KEF LS50W Purchasers

Advance Audio, of Australia, has announced a limited bonus offer for new KEF LS50W buyers. Sixty (60) Tidal High Fidelity streaming 90-day subscriptions are available for new subscribers and new LS50W purchasers. The three-month subscription bonus offer has no time limit (while subscriptions last) and the bonus offer is redeemable online only.

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