New Mark Levinson and Revel Distribution in Australia

High-end electronics brand Mark Levinson and speaker specialist Revel – both under the Harman International umbrella of companies – are coming under new distribution in Australia.

Previously under the Advance Audio Australia portfolio, Mark Levinson and Revel will now be distributed locally by Convoy International who also distributes Bluesound, Cary Audio, JBL Synthesis and Studio Monitors, NAD Electronics, PSB Loudspeakers and more.

Convoy CEO Geoff Matthews stated “As part of our mission we are delighted to announce today that Convoy will now market, distribute and be home for two additional world-famous Audio Brands. Mark Levinson and Revel Loudspeakers; widely regarded as the finest examples of quality Audio Components and Loudspeakers available today if not the best. Previously marketed by Advance Audio we are pleased to say that we will build on their good work and add our style, dedication and experience. Both Brands are well supported by their parent – Harman International.”


Matthews continued, “Today brand names are a key point of difference at retail and to have such a wonderful line up that covers all the important price points and offer high resolution sound quality is a necessary key for continued growth in the future.”

Mark Levinson electronics need no introduction with the company responsible for some of the most highly acclaimed products in audio history. Revel’s speakers are highly-developed concepts using bespoke transducer technologies and employing the latest computer design and manufacturing methodologies to create state-of-the-art products.

Mark Levinson and Revel products under the new distribution arrangement will start flowing through to retailers around Australia in July 2018.

Australian Distributor: Convoy International
+61 2 9774 9900