Loudspeaker Specialist Grover Notting Launches New Website

Grover Notting, Australian manufacturer of globally-acclaimed studio monitoring systems, has launched a thoroughly revamped website (www.classicaudiodesigns.com.au) featuring comprehensive product information and detailing the innovative designs and developed engineering philosophies applied across the wide range of the company’s offerings.

While Grover Notting started out making high-end monitoring systems used by renowned audio engineers in high profile studios around the world, more recently, the company has expanded into the consumer audio space. Word is spreading – there’s growing audiophile admiration for Grover Notting’s varied loudspeaker designs. The company has expanded its product lines to include bespoke Class-A/B and Class-D amplification (alongside dedicated cabling systems) specifically designed to work in synergistic conjunction with the speaker designs.

Grover NottingGrover Notting founder Frank Hinton

Said speaker systems are based on two lines: the diminutive ‘Cross Reference’ range and the high-end ‘Principal Audio Monitors’ which itself is split into three sub-ranges in the ‘Universal’ series based on high quality 2-way designs and the 3-way ‘Mastering’ series. The ‘Mastering’ series feature larger full-range systems culminating in the spare-no-expense Code 104, a massive nine driver design engineered to provide ultimate authority and accuracy. Grover Notting has also developed the ‘LF Augmentation’ series of subwoofers which makes for perfect-mate-matching to both the ‘Cross Reference’ and ‘Universal’ series.

“The attitude to, and consequent quality of an R&D program will define the health and potential of an organisation involved in the creation of entertainment technology” Frank Hinton Grover Notting Principal told SoundStage! Australia, “Needless to say, creativity is a potent life force, to be encouraged at all levels and we declare that our R&D is dedicated to speaker system linearity and electronic power conversion.”

Grover Notting

Grover Notting speakers use high quality soft dome and paper pulp-based drivers throughout all of the platforms and substantial engineering has been applied in the design of the crossovers. Proprietary passive filters have been developed in a collaborative effort with none other than legendary audio scientist Neville Thiele. ‘Bandwidth Extension Modules’ are used to augment low frequency reach and amplitude from the sealed box philosophy that applies across all Grover Notting designs.

Grover Notting speakers are available via ATT Audio Controls. You can find further information and product details at the new website here: www.classicaudiodesigns.com.au

Australian Distributor: ATT Audio Controls
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