Estelon Announces Signature Edition of X Diamond Loudspeakers

A new X Diamond Signature Edition loudspeaker design with a number of key improvements, plus a limited production run, is unveiled by Estonian loudspeaker specialist Estelon.

The new X Diamond Signature Edition speakers are said to “push the boundaries of audio engineering even further”, with the design sporting a number of engineering and aesthetic improvements which set it apart from the standard version. As a true future collectible, Estelon is offering only 20 pairs worldwide.


For starters, the new speaker features a revised crossover network sporting the best Mundorf ‘Ultra’ resistors employed across the highs and midrange bandwidth while the bass frequencies incorporate resin-baked coils. The internal wiring scheme between crossover and drivers has been improved with top of the line Kubala Sosna cabling featuring that company’s OptimiZ technology, as also used in Estelon’s Forza and Extreme Mk II loudspeakers.

Estelon has designed a proprietary connector system which is said to alleviate the inconsistencies and potential distortions occurring in standard binding post design. Also used in the spare-no-expense flagship Extreme Mk II, the new connectors are a clamp-type design and have been 3D printed using a high quality polyamide material. The connecting system contains “no metal parts or high dielectric constant materials to compromise sound integrity”. The system is compatible with banana, spade, or bare wire connections.

Rather than a standard spiking scheme to couple the loudspeakers to the surface below, Estelon includes a set of Stillpoints Ultra SS V2 isolation feet with the X Diamond Signature Edition. Estelon states that the Stillpoints Ultra SS V2 feet provide more consistent isolation on differing floor surfaces while also improving low-end articulation and spatial properties.


To further differentiate it from the standard model, the Signature Edition features a number of aesthetic refinements. Estelon craftspeople have hand made a number of stainless steel accents while the speakers come in a premium black pearl gloss finish. The rear panel around the binding posts bears company founder Alfred Vassilkov’s signature, further evidence of the X Diamond Signature Edition statement-level status.

X Diamond Signature Edition is a 3-way reflex-loaded design featuring a 25 mm diamond inverted dome, a 170 mm mid-bass cone, and a 280 mm woofer, all from Accuton. Its frequency response spans from 22 Hz to 60 kHz while the impedance is set at a nominal 6 ohms (3.2 ohms minimum at 22 Hz), and the sensitivity at 87dB at 2.83V.


As mentioned above, only 20 pairs of X Diamond Signature Edition will be available around the world. For enquiries, please contact Estelon’s Australian distributor, Advance Audio, via the details below.

X Diamond Signature Edition
Price: AU$179,995

Australian Distributor: Advance Audio Australia
+61 2 9561 0799