Microphase Audio Design Tower 3 & Tower 4 Loudspeakers

Renowned acoustic designer Jean-Marie Lière has augmented Microphase Audio Design’s acclaimed SAT series standmounts with the new Tower 3 and Tower 4 floorstanding loudspeakers.

The new handcrafted-in-Australia Tower 3 and Tower 4 speakers expand on Microphase Audio Design’s 2- and 3-way standmount speakers, with the new floorstanders maintaining the company’s trademark custom Audax drivers, slimline baffle enclosures, and natural marine birch ply cabinet finishes. While the tweeters and midrange drivers are from Audax, and made to Microphase Audio Design’s specifications, Lière has introduced a high power, high output Pro audio driver in the Tower 3 and two high quality aluminium woofers from SB Acoustics in the Tower 4 to handle the low frequencies.

The Tower 3 is a 3-way loudspeaker featuring proven tweeter and midrange drivers from Audax, built to specification. The 25 mm fabric tweeter has been time aligned to the 130 mm paper cone midrange driver in a stepped baffle configuration. The tweeter features a newly designed faceplate which has been 3D printed in-house. The side mounted 330 mm woofer comes from the Pro audio space.


The Tower 3’s frequency response has been quoted as spanning from 25 Hz to 25 kHz +/- 3dB which, given the modest cabinet’s dimensions of 192 mm width, 380 mm depth and 1200 mm height, is surprisingly low. Sensitivity is said to be 90dB/1 watt/1m while the Tower 3’s impedance is quoted as a nominal 4 ohms. The crossover frequencies are given as 150 Hz at 12dB/octave and 4 kHz at 6dB/octave.

The Tower 4 expands on its smaller sibling by implementing a time aligned MTM D’Appolito configuration. The Tower 4 is a five-driver 3-way featuring the same 25 mm fabric tweeter and two of the midrange drivers in said MTM array. The larger speaker now houses a large SB Acoustics 250 mm aluminium woofer on each of its cabinet’s sides. The woofers are each powered via a custom Holton Audio 150 watts MosFET amplifier (300 watts total power). Holton Audio is an Australian electronics specialist based in Tasmania.

Specifications for the Tower 4 are a frequency response of 25 Hz to 25 kHz +/- 3 dB, efficiency of 90 dB/1 watt/1m and a nominal impedance of 4 ohms, while the crossover frequencies are 100 Hz at 24dB/octave and 4 kHz at 6dB/octave. Cabinet dimensions are the same as the Tower 3 and both speakers sit atop a width-extending plinth.


The new Microphase Audio Design Tower 3 and Tower 4 floorstanding speakers can be ordered directly through the company’s website (some regions may have a local distributor).

Microphase Audio Design Tower 3 & Tower 4 Loudspeakers
Price: Tower 3 US$8000, AU$13,780 and Tower 4 US$12,000, AU$19,800

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