ATC Celebrates 50th Anniversary With New SCM20ASL Limited Edition Loudspeakers

In a milestone marking half a century of loudspeaker and advanced transducer design, ATC announces a 50th Anniversary version of its highly acclaimed SCM20ASL active loudspeakers and a new matching subwoofer.

British manufacturer ATC has announced a much refined celebratory version of the renowned SCM20ASL 2-way active standmount speakers. The SCM20ASL Limited Edition speakers will be produced in a small 150 pair batch, making them true collectables. The Limited Edition aesthetic enhancements feature a new colour which mimics the long-running trademark dark blue colour used on the company’s logo. The finish is a very high quality multi-coat lacquered dark blue gloss. The feature protruding front panel is now covered in quality Napa leather sourced from Eissmann, a German high quality leather specialist. Further, all external metalwork and parts are in a silver anodised finish while the rear panel features a metal plate over the heatsinks with product and company details as well as ‘Limited Edition’ etching.


The SCM20ASL’s rear panel houses the lone balanced XLR input, with tuning options by way of input sensitivity (allowing a wider preamplifier or direct-from-DAC compatibility via gain adjustment). There’s also a shelf cut/boost control for the low frequencies allowing better room matching. Two large handles allow easy handling and room placement manoeuvring.  

The SCM20ASL 2-way speakers feature an in-built Class-A/B amplifier supplying 200 watts to the mid-bass driver and 50 watts to the tweeter. ATC manufactures its own driver and the new speaker employs a 25 mm ‘S-Spec’ dual suspension tweeter and a 150 mm ‘Super Linear’ mid-bass driver. The active crossover applies an analogue 2nd order Linkwitz-Riley and all-pass filters, the latter used to “optimise the phase response through the crossover region, resulting in far improved tonal balance and imaging” as ATC states.

ATC has also announced a new matching subwoofer for the SCM20ASL in the C4 Sub Mk2 Limited Edition which uses a 300 mm driver. The subwoofer will be limited to a run of only 20 units. The aesthetic enhancements applied to the SCM20ASL, like the silver anodised metal hardware, the dark blue gloss lacquer, and the Eissmann leather have all been carried into the design of the C4 Sub Mk2 Limited Edition subwoofer.


The SCM20ASL Limited Edition and matching C4 Sub Mk2 Limited Edition can be ordered in Australia now via local distributor Pure Music Group, with shipping expected to commence in mid-April.

ATC SCM20ASL Limited Edition Loudspeakers & C4 Sub Mk2 Limited Edition Subwoofer
Price: AU$22,490 and AU$15,500 Respectively

Australian Distributor: Pure Music Group
+61 (0) 409 504 805