New SVS Ultra Evolution Top-of-the-Range Series Available in Early May

SVS has launched the Ultra Evolution Series, a new seven-model range-topping line offering the company’s most refined enclosure advancements and driver technologies.

The new Ultra Evolution line features two 2-way standmount speakers and a trio of 3-way floorstanders, crowned by the flagship ‘Evolution Pinnacle’ model. The line-up is completed with a 3-way centre channel and a dedicated surround loudspeaker. In a distinctive form factor, SVS has designed the floorstanding enclosures in an angled configuration in order to “time align” the tweeter, midrange and bass drivers. For that same purpose, the cabinet architecture also places the tweeter in an indented MTM (Mid-Tweeter-Mid) array, aligning the drivers on the vertical plane, also maximising phase coherence. Further cabinet refinements feature chamfered edges on the front baffle for superior diffraction.


SVS has employed a new vapour-deposited, diamond-coated aluminium 25 mm dome tweeter said to provide very wide frequency response and extremely low distortion. The tweeter’s extended bandwidth also allows a better integration with the midrange driver. The tweeter also features SVS’s FEA-designed “organic cell lattice tweeter diffuser” which provides optimised off-axis dispersion while also offering a form of dome protection from physical damage.

The 135 mm midrange drivers employ composite glass fibre cones and are said to be pistonic beyond their bandwidth. The advanced drivers also feature vented Kapton voice coils and large magnet systems.

 The Ultra Evolution speakers incorporate a new woofer driver which shares some similarities to the company’s 3000 series subwoofer drivers. On the floorstanders, the woofers are arrayed in a force-cancelling configuration on the front and rear panels. On the line-topping Evolution Pinnacle, each cabinet features four high-excursion 200 mm woofers, with two on the front baffle and two on the rear panel. The woofers feature composite glass fibre cones, vented aluminium voice coils, powerful magnet systems, and precision machined cast aluminium alloy baskets.


The Ultra Evolution Pinnacle’s 3-way crossover network features a “heavy-trace” printed circuit board populated with high quality components including “premium-grade” capacitors, inductors, and resistors. Crossover points are set at 1.8 kHz for the tweeter and at 140 Hz for the handover between midrange and woofer drivers.

SVS President Gary Yacoubian stated, “Ultra Evolution redefines what’s possible in its price range and well beyond by creating audio experiences that transcend their class and bring reference performance to more people than ever”, going on to say, “I am so incredibly proud of what our design team accomplished. We really had no constraints and left no stone unturned. These new speakers represent the culmination of all our life’s work, and it shows in every aspect of design and performance…”.


The new SVS Ultra Evolution Series cabinets are available in Piano Gloss Black, Piano Gloss White, and Premium Black Oak wood veneer finishes. The new loudspeakers can be auditioned via Australian distributor Interdyn’s network of country wide audio specialist dealers.

SVS Ultra Evolution Series Loudspeakers
Price: From AU$1849 to AU$11,499

Australian Distributor: Interdyn
+61 3 9426 3600