Revival Audio Expands Its Flagship Line With New Atalante 4 Loudspeakers

Revival Audio, the highly acclaimed relatively new French company, augments its product line-up with the new Atalante 4 column-styled floorstanding loudspeakers.

The Atalante 4 is a mid-sized loudspeaker system with a slim baffle and deeper dimension along the lines of modern designs. It departs from the range-topping Atalante 5’s more retro styling which is reminiscent of 1970s and 1980s wide baffle architectures. That automatically makes the svelte Atalante 4 a more elegant, contemporary addition to modern living spaces.

The 3-way Atalante 4 employs four drivers mounted on the slim front baffle in the popular tweeter, midrange and dual woofer configuration. The Atalante 4’s tweeter is a 28 mm soft dome designed with the company’s proprietary ‘ARID’ (Anti-Reflection Dome) which is claimed to absorb 95% of deleterious rear-wave reflections while providing extended frequency response.


The tweeter hands over to a ‘BSC’-coned (Basalt Sandwich Construction) 135 mm (5.25 inch) midrange driver. Basalt is a light air-pocketed volcanic rock which makes for a very stiff and lightweight cone, promising excellent transient response and little in the way of cone torsional distortion (with a low resonance frequency at 650 Hz). Again, the BSC midrange driver is a proprietary design which is visually distinctive and is claimed to be a first in high-end audio.

The low frequencies are handled via twin 180 mm (7 inch) woofers. Revival Audio also uses its BSC technology across both woofers while employing large and powerful ferrite magnets in the motor systems. The company prefers to employ ferrite magnet systems for their sheer “horsepower” and due to the material’s eco-friendlier nature and a “real balanced output”.


The crossover networks are hand-tuned and finalised after extensive listening. Minimal component count was a Revival Audio engineers’ pre-requisite. This included employing “best-in-range” high quality components including Van den Hul Skyline Hybrid cable to interface from crossover network to the drivers.

The Atalante 4’s frequency response is specified as spanning from 28 Hz to 36 kHz +/- 3dB. Sensitivity is quoted as 89dB (2.83V at 1m) while nominal impedance is stated as 4 ohms (3.2 ohms at 120 Hz). Power handling is 200 watts with a recommended minimum of 30 watts.

The Atalante 4’s beautiful cabinetry reflects the design language used across the line, with beautiful walnut finishes and stylistic artisan accents as used in Atalante 5. The speakers are provided with the new ‘Premium Spike Set’ which include tall cone spikes (easily adjustable from above) for good coupling and outrigger footers which provide cabinet stability.


The Revival Audio Atalante 4 is due for Australian arrival in late February 2024 and will be available via importer Audio Marketing’s country-wide specialist dealer network.

Revival Audio Atalante 4 Loudspeakers
Price: AU$7,700

Australian Distributor: Audio Marketing
+61 2 9882 3877