Audia Flight Lands New FLS8 Monoblock Amplifier

Sharing many of Audia Flight’s Strumento flagship amplification technology, the new FLS8 monoblock amplifier ups the ante for the more affordable FLS line.

The FLS may indeed be the entry-point range of amplification from Italian electronics specialist Audia Flight, but the new FLS8 carries across the company’s substantial engineering know-how. Audia Flight states that, in designing the FLS8, it has taken an approach based on refined engineering and extensive listening and tuning sessions to arrive at a sound which approaches the excellence of Strumento amplifiers.

The FLS8 is a powerhouse of a mono amplifier. It offers 400 watts into 8 ohms, 800 watts into 4 ohms and 1500 watts into 2 ohms (measured without current limitation). Gain is set at a useful 29dB and input impedance for both balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA is said to be 7.5 kohms. The frequency response is quoted as 0.3 Hz to 600 kHz (1 watt RMS -3dB) and the Slew-Rate is over 160V/µS at 8 ohms.

Audia Flight

The FLS8 is a fully balanced design sporting 32 output devices and a 2000VA toroidal transformer which is encapsulated within epoxy resin. The transformer is further protected by two ferromagnetic shields. The power supply features a 128,000 micro-Farad low impedance capacitor bank. A secondary 15VA toroidal transformer is purely dedicated to the logic control and protection circuit. There are no fuses onboard as Audia Flight considers they may offer a negative potential impact on sonic performance.

The rear panel houses inputs via balanced XLR (also output for amplifier loop) and unbalanced RCA which are toggle switchable. There’s a gain switch which toggles between 0dB, -6dB and -12dB and 12V in/out triggers for controlling turn on/off of suitable components. Loudspeaker connectivity is of good quality via the very widely used transparent plastic cover over copper binding post.

The design language of previous FLS series electronics continues here. The bird in flight (or smiley face) display on the FLS8’s fascia provides product identification and other status information. The chassis is constructed from high-grade aluminium which is precision CNC machined and hand polished to create a “mirror-like finish”. This is also a result of the shot-peening, anodization, and further concentrated manual polishing processes.

Audia Flight

Audia Flight told SoundStage! Australia, “the FLS8 Mono Power Amplifier incorporates various “Strumento-esque” elements, delivering optimal performance and an emotionally captivating musical experience for the listener.”

The Audia Flight FLS8 monoblock amplifier is available throughout Australia via importer Absolute Hi End’s dealer network.

Audia Flight FLS8 Monoblock Amplifier
Price: AU$31,800 (Pair)

Australian Distributor: Absolute Hi End
+61 488 777 999