TechDAS to Begin Shipping Air Force 10 Air Bearing Tonearm

First shown in pre-production versions at High End Munich 2023 and later at the recent Tokyo International Audio Show, the new TechDAS Air Force 10 flagship tonearm is now finalised, is in production, and is to ship worldwide.

Developed by the late and great Hideaki Nishikawa-san, the award-winning Air Force 10 (AF10) is a precision engineered air-bearing tonearm constructed from a carefully selected mix of titanium and tungsten. The materials were chosen for their specific properties which are optimised in the AF10’s architecture. Specifically, the titanium and tungsten parts are combined with damping materials which, together, exhibit optimum resonance control while also providing structural stiffness and durability.


TechDAS claims a world first in the employment of an ‘Air Float Bearing’ system on the pivoted tonearm across the horizontal plane while the vertical bearing employs advanced tungsten and ceramic ball bearing technology said to provide extremely smooth and accurate groove tracking.

The tonearm design offers wide adjustability parameters in order to optimise tracking force and to cater to a multitude of cartridge types. The AF10 tonearm has been designed to provide easy integration within the context of a wide variety of turntables (seen here at the Tokyo International Audio Show fitted with a TechDAS TDC01 Ti cartridge and on to an Air Force One Turntable). The Air Force 10 tonearm is available in 10 inch and 12 inch versions.

Pure Music Group’s Managing Director Rom Beyerle told Soundstage! Australia, “The TechDAS Air Force 10 Tonearm represents a new echelon in audio precision, it is a momentous occasion for audiophiles seeking the ultimate in analogue systems”.


The TechDAS Air Force 10 Air Bearing Tonearm is due for imminent order availability in Australia via importer Pure Music Group’s network of specialist audio dealers around the country.

TechDAS Air Force 10 Air Bearing Tonearm
Price: 10 inch AU$57,750, 12 inch AU$63,500

Australian Distributor: Pure Music Group
+61 (0) 409 504 805