Musical Fidelity Announces the New MX-Steam Streamer

With the new “Technically Correct” MX-Stream, Musical Fidelity launches its first all-out assault on the streaming space.

However, in addition to meticulous attention to technical performance, the new MX-Stream’s final sign-off design has also been the product of a program of extensive listening sessions with a view to extract the best possible sound quality.

The MX-Stream is a ‘Transport’ only streamer which needs to interface with a USB-audio-capable digital-to-analogue converter whether built-in to the latest stream of fully-featured integrated amplifiers or a standalone DAC. The MX-Stream is effectively a high-resolution network bridge via its RJ45 ethernet port which also supports a NAS drive while being UPnP/DLNA capable. Also available are capabilities for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth up to V4.0 (antenna supplied).

Musical Fidelity

Further connectivity options are offered by way of USB-A audio output to an appropriate DAC while a further USB-A port provides for storage devices and Shareport/Airplay for iOS devices. Resolutions supported are up to 32bit/352.8kHz PCM and DSD256. A video HDMI port is also available. A Micro-USB socket provides a by-pass and ‘Detox’ feature which aims at improving the performance of the digital stream by reducing jitter and noise. Digital circuitry has been optimised via a number of strategies including what Musical Fidelity describes as “Clock synchronised, phase interleaved, capacitor multiplier pre-regulators”.

The MX-Stream supports streaming services such as Tidal, Qobuz, Spotify and more while also being Roon Ready and Roon Certified. An external CD drive can be connected via USB allowing CD-ripping, with the MX-Stream providing automated tagging and automatic music library indexing. A small internal storage capacity of 16GB is offered as a stop-gap for higher capacity external storage devices.

Musical Fidelity

Musical Fidelity told SoundStage! Australia, “With an optimized software, we were able to push this high-tech hardware design to its absolute limits. All of this results in the first near-zero jitter streamer”, going on to claim the sound of the MX-Stream is “warm yet transparent and incredibly detailed signature sound and not just be technical wizardry for the sake of clean technical measurements. We have to hear it, we have to feel it, and we have to be moved by it.”

The new Musical Fidelity MX-Stream streamer will be arriving in Australia in the next few weeks (July/August 2022) and while pricing has not been finalised it is said to be in the vicinity of AU$2000 (as a guide).

Musical Fidelity

Once MX-Stream hits our shores, availability will be via local importer Audio Marketing’s specialist audio dealer network around the country.

Musical Fidelity MX-Stream Streamer
Price: TBA

Australian Distributor: Audio Marketing
+61 2 9882 3877