Transparent Cable Introduces Connoisseur Collection Generation 6

Interface specialist Transparent Cable has launched its Generation 6 cabling solutions across the company’s upmarket products, right up to the über high-end Magnum Opus line.

In a comprehensive re-engineering of its high-end cable solutions, Transparent Audio has developed Generation 6 technology which it has applied on its Reference, XL, Opus and the flagship Magnum Opus cable lines, all of which now form the Connoisseur Collection. Generation 6 is all about eliminating vibrational distortions in order to allow the cleanest signal flow. To that end, Transparent Cable has concentrated on substantially improving the network enclosures.

The starting point Reference cables offer advancements in network technology and improved cabinetry, now made from a stiffer and lighter carbon fibre composite material designed to control vibrational distortions in both the network enclosure itself and the cable conductor sections. In addition, the network cabinets’ internal volume is filled with Transparent Cable’s Flexible Epoxy Resin (IFER) formula in order to further attenuate vibration and enclosure resonance. IFER is used across Reference interconnect and loudspeaker cables.


The XL range has been improved to a level that Transparent Cable claims approaches the Opus line. Again, the company has paid strict attention to controlling vibrational distortions by further improving the network enclosure. In the case of the XL loudspeaker cables, Transparent Cable claims a mechanically improved, more “stable” network platform. The multi-layer construction features IFER-filled Polymethal Methacrylate (PMMA) and additional layers of thermoplastic and epoxy sound-dampening. Fasteners have been applied at specific torque settings for improved stiffness and enclosure integrity. The cable is said to be capable of carrying higher current loads.

The Opus and Magnum Opus cables carry the entire concept of resonance and vibrational control to its highest levels. The network cabinetry is further reinforced with higher gauges of carbon fibre while the physical dimensions have been increased in order to accommodate the internal circuitry and associated components. The Magnum Opus in particular, has been extensively analysed for the highest tolerances while each component is painstakingly measured across all parameters.

Transparent Cable’s CEO Karen Sumner told SoundStage! Australia, “Generation 6 is great news for our loyal customers who have for decades followed the path of continuous performance improvement in their audio systems with… our comprehensive upgrade program. With Generation 6, Transparent customers get a chance to trade-in and trade-up while retaining most of the value of their original Transparent investment. Customers who are new to Transparent have an opportunity to re-invent their systems and re-invigorate their passions for music listening…”


The new Generation 6 Transparent Cable Connoisseur Collection lines are slated for imminent arrival in Australia. Availability will be via importer Advance Audio’s Australia-wide network of specialist audio retailers.

Transparent Cable Connoisseur Collection Generation 6
Price: From AU$55520 Reference interconnects to AU$112,050 Magnum Opus loudspeaker cables

Australian Distributor: Advance Audio Australia
+61 2 9561 0799