iGalvanic3.0 from iFi

Digital maven iFi, the value arm and sister entity to the high-end’s Abbingdon Music Research (AMR), has announced the new iGalvanic3.0 USB galvanic isolation device aimed at audiophiles seeking high-end performance from their computer-based playback systems.

The iGalvanic3.0 has been designed and engineered by iFi from the ground up using the company’s many refined technologies that aim to improve the clocking, USB signal integrity and protection and AC power isolation – this last via an ultra-low noise power supply. The low noise schemes have been designed to prevent distortion even at very high USB3.0 transfer speeds.


The unit is both USB2.0 and USB3.0 compatible and aims to provide state-of-the-art galvanic isolation of the USB signal at up to 5GHz, equating to above DSD512/768kHz. The claim from iFi is that the unit eliminates any delays or added processing which may affect timing via what the company refers to as ‘Zero Delay’ implementation. A multiple ground scheme (also defeatable) has been included for further noise reduction and is configurable to single, multiple or no ground implementations.


The iGalvanic3.0 from iFi is available in Australia via Maxmedia Distribution and established retailers around the country. The iGalvanic3.0 is priced at AU$499.

SOUNDSTAGE! OFFER: For a limited time (until September 30, 2017) Maxmedia is packaging the iGalvanic3.0 with a complimentary iDefender3.0 valued at $85. Offer applies to Australian customers.

Australian Distributor: Maxmedia
+61 (0) 418 385 982

Price: AU$499