Lavardin Technologies Model ISx Reference Integrated Amplifier

Audio Magic, Australian distributors of Lavardin Technologies amplifiers, has announced the new Model ISx Reference integrated amplifier, a direct evolution of the Model IS but with additional features and said to possess performance improvements too.

The new Model ISx Reference features improvements to Lavardin Technologies’ ‘Low Memory’ circuit which the company has been using for many years. Lavardin Technologies claims to have perfected a circuit which eliminates the harshness that is sometimes associated with solid state amplification. The ‘Low Memory’ circuit is said to provide the full-bodied warmth of valve amplification with the extended frequency response, power and control of solid state amplifiers.

The ISx Reference can be optioned with an in-built MM phono stage, a ‘Zero Side Effect’ volume control (which allows full output from your DAC in order to avoid bit-stripping) which includes a slimline metal remote control and a bypass input for home theatre system integration.


The ISx Reference amplifier is specified as having an input impedance of 10 kohms, an output power of 50 watts RMS into 8 ohms and a maximum of 104 watts into 2 ohms and a harmonic distortion of 0.005 percent at maximum output. The unit features four hand mounted high quality gold plated RCA inputs and standard single-wire speaker binding posts.

“The Lavardin Technologies Model ISx Reference gives more than an idea of what the more expensive model, the Model IT, is capable of” said Aleksandar Maksimovic of Audio Magic, “micro-dynamics and resolution are increased to allow greater expression of the feeling and intention of the music. The soundstage is wider, detail is sharper and the presentation is more mature, even if the sound balance remains respectfully neutral as with the Model IS.”

The Lavardin Technologies manufactures preamplifiers, integrated and power amplifiers while also offering a full cable range and an equipment rack (some items may not be available in Australia). The Model ISx Reference amplifier is available now and is price at AU$6950.

Australian Distributor: Audio Magic
+61 3 9489 51 22

Price: AU$6950