New Model 535 Power Amplifier from Jeff Rowland Design Group

Jeff Rowland Design Group has announced its new power amplifier using the company’s most up-to-date technologies including the highly-engineered Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS).

The new Model 535 is a ‘Balanced Topology’ amplifier which is said to greatly reduce distortions and noise. The custom-designed input transformers have been designed to virtually eliminate RFI, EMI and ground loop noise and are wired with Cardas “six nines” copper wire. It’s a transformer-coupled design which allows identical amplifier overall gain when using unbalanced input adapters.

Jeff Rowland’s ‘Active Power Factor Correction’ is implemented in the power supply in order to reduce AC noise while said to increase AC utilisation to 99 percent. The Switch Mode Power Supply is an ultra-high efficiency design said to provide optimum voltage regulation for all circuits and operating conditions while allowing for quiet operation over a wide range of AC mains power sources. Tricky speaker loads have been allowed for by the upgraded power supply capacitance which has been doubled.

The Model 535 is rated at 250 watts per channel at 8 ohms and 500 watts per channel at 4 ohms. A rear panel ‘Bridging’ switch can be accessed to configure the Model 535 to a 900 watt mono amplifier. The input impedance has been quoted as 40 k-ohms while amplifier’s frequency response is 5Hz to 70kHz at -3dB and its damping factor 1000 at 1kHz.

Inputs are balanced only and the Model 535 features high quality Cardas binding posts which include a dedicated set for bridged mono configuration. The input circuitry’s circuit boards are very high quality ultra-rigid military-specification ceramic types featuring low dielectric constant and ‘extremely low energy retention and absorption’.

The usual extremely high standards of fit and finish Jeff Rowland Design Group is renowned for applies here too. The chassis is milled from a solid piece of aluminium and finished in the highest standards.

The Jeff Rowland Design Group Model 535 amplifier is available around the country at established dealers and is priced at AU$9900.

Australian Distributor: Absolute Hi End
+61 488 777 999

Price: AU$9900