Telos Audio Design QRC - A Quantum Leap?

At the recent Australian Hi-Fi & AV Show, Taiwanese firm Telos Audio Design celebrated the Australian debut of their latest product, the Quantum Resonator Conditioner (QRC).

Utilising six custom-designed high grade Duelund copper foil capacitors per unit, the QRC is a significantly upgraded and redesigned Quantum Noise Reducer (QNR) module designed to treat the incoming AC and dissipate pernicious power line noise.  It consists of custom 3mm-thick Quantum X2-impregnated circuit boards with 24K gold-plated tracings configured atop two similarly specified Quantum Magnetic Tuning (QMT) modules performing Telos’ special 20-100kHz magnetic field treatment every five minutes.

The electronics are housed within a heavy 6061 aviation-grade aluminium chassis requiring more than 50 hours of CNC milling to produce. Six outlets for power distribution adorn the rear of the unit while 3mm-thick circuit boards with thick 24 carat gold tracings are used throughout. Further, the unit’s electronic parts have all been double cryogenically treated with the company stating there’s a 12 hour time gap between each treatment cycle.

The QRC functions as an ultra-high-end power distributor coupled with conditioning elements borne from the purest implementation of a number of proprietary Telos Audio Design technologies developed by director and chief designer, Jeff Lin.

“Combining our brilliant design team and meticulous craftsmanship, we strive to produce products that deliver sensational performance. Thus, enabling us to demonstrate our products' immense musicality and elegant design to music lovers” Lin told SoundStage! Australia.

We briefly sampled the very first production-ready QRC – the sole unit available in the world – and a full review will be scheduled when the QRC becomes available in our Australian shores this September.

Australian Distributor: GrooveWorks Australia
+61 3 5628 4428

Price: AUD $18,000