Gold Note P-1000 Flagship Preamplifier

Italian audio specialist Gold Note has just dropped its top-end preamplifier in the P-1000. The new preamplifier is full featured and will accept an optional digital-analogue-converter board capable of high-resolution file playback.

Gold Note has designed the preamplifier to be the heart of a high-end audio system at the top echelons. The P-1000 features a highly-engineered power supply built around the company’s ‘Triple Linear Transformer’. There’s a proprietary six gain stage circuit while the high quality volume control features relays and an optical encoder.

Gold Note

Making it a true audio system control hub, the P-1000 is armed with five RCA unbalanced inputs and five XLR balanced inputs. Balanced and unbalanced outputs are also complimented by an optional Gold Note balanced ‘Tube’ output featuring 1006 or 1012 valves. The unit can be further upgraded via an outboard power supply which connects to the main unit via an umbilical cable with lockable connectors. A mini-USB input will cater for future upgrades in firmware, etc.

The optional digital board will feature coaxial S/PDIF and TOSLINK connectivity while the USB input will be capable of playing DSD and PCM at up to 352.8 kHz. The P-1000’s input impedance is 100 ohms while its output impedance is less than 10 ohms and its output levels are 16Vrms on XLR and 8Vrms on RCA maximum.

Gold Note

The P-1000 features a large fascia colour full information display. Additional features include a mono switch, left and right channel and absolute phase inversion circuits, very fine channel balance adjustment and Gold Note’s over-boost feature which contours the bass frequencies with a subtle lift. Worth mentioning is the beautifully sculpted and multi-faceted remote control machined from solid aluminium.

Australian Distributor: Absolute Hi End
+61 488 777 999

Price: AU$10,990.