TechDAS Announces Foremost Cartridge Design

Japanese analogue specialist TechDAS has added yet another cartridge to its line-up – the TDC01-Dia is a “world-first” top-of-the-line Moving Coil cartridge.

The new TDC01-Dia is claimed by TechDAS to be a world-first design employing a ‘Tapered Pipe Diamond Cantilever’. Combined with its titanium housing, the TDC01-Dia’s architecture makes for a superbly rigid, non-resonant, and lightweight construction which targets excellent tracking accuracy, exceptional detail retrieval (via high Signal-to-Noise Ratio) and overall excellent sonic performance. The construction also has minimal energy loss; as the company states, “… a higher speed to transmit vibration from the record groove to the coils without damping”.

202403 TechDas TDC01 Dia 1

Manufacturing the Tapered Pipe Diamond Cantilever was a challenge for TechDAS. The company affirms it was a “significant technological feat” which demanded TechDAS’ engineers to dedicate three years of Research and Development. The precise shaping and machining of the diamond required advanced “laser processing technology” in order to ensure reliability and the mandated performance targets.

The Moving Coil (MC) TDC01-Dia is quoted with an extended frequency response spanning from 10Hz to 50kHz and has an output voltage of 0.45mV (1kHz) and an Internal impedance of 1.4 ohms. The suggested load impedance is between 100 ohms to 200 ohms while the recommended tracking force is between 2.0 g and 2.5 g. Channel separation is 30dB at 1kHz and channel balance is 0.5dB at 1kHz.

Rom Beyerle, Managing Director of Australian importer Pure Music Group, told SoundStage! Australia, “TechDAS are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of audio technology to provide enthusiasts with the most immersive and lifelike listening experience. With the TDC01-Dia, TechDAS have harnessed the power of diamond to unlock a new dimension of musicality, allowing listeners to rediscover their favourite recordings with unprecedented clarity and realism.”

TechDasTitanium shell from TDC01-Ti shown here.

The new TechDAS TDC01-Dia MC cartridge is available via Pure Music Group’s country wide dealer network.

TechDAS TDC01-Dia Moving Coil Cartridge
Price: AU$15,950

Australian Distributor: Pure Music Group
+61 (0) 409 504 805