Musical Fidelity Impresses With New M8xTT Turntable

The successor to Musical Fidelity’s highly acclaimed M1 turntable, a cooperative effort with Heinz Lichtenegger, now has a successor in the new and visually arresting M8xTT, as seen at the Bristol Hi Fi Show.

Back in 2004, Musical Fidelity produced the renowned M1. Today, the company elevates that undeniably high platform with the superbly engineered M8xTT turntable and tonearm package. It’s worth mentioning the aesthetic resemblance between M1 and M8xTT, yet the new product bears many refinements.

Musical Fidelity

Quite obviously, Musical Fidelity states the M8xTT follows the M1’s design philosophies but extends their precision via improved features and construction upgrades. The new turntable combines high precision machined metals with low-resonance acrylic to create a stunning visual statement.

The M8xTT features a dual-platform chassis design assembled from hand polished acrylic (separated by aluminium spacers) and a large aluminium platter which replaces the acrylic platter used in the M1. The chassis is supported via massive, machined footers designed to provide easy height adjustment. The motor is fully decoupled.

Musical Fidelity

The M8xTT can be purchased with or without the matching 10-in tonearm. The conical aluminium tonearm also features an acrylic bearing ring and finely machined parts for azimuth and VTA adjustments. On a small panel on the M8xTT’s rear, Musical Fidelity has provided the choice of either RCA or XLR connectivity. As part of the package, Musical Fidelity provides a large aluminium puck and a leather platter matt.

Musical Fidelity

The Musical Fidelity M8xTT is said to arrive in Australia in Q1 2024. Price is yet to be finalised, but we’ve been given a rough guide starting at AU$15,000 for M8xTT only and AU$18,000 for turntable and tonearm package.

Musical Fidelity M8xTT
Price: TBA (Approx. Guide in Text)

Australian Distributor: Audio Marketing
+61 2 9882 3877