Bowers & Wilkins launches 600 Series 3 Loudspeakers

Bowers & Wilkins improves its award winning 600 series with a mix of bespoke and trickle down technologies in its latest ‘Series 3’ iteration.

While its denomination is S3, the latest 600 range is the company’s eight generation under the 600 lineage. The 600 series is a very important high volume range for Bowers & Wilkins and the company states that the new line-up is the recipient of some of the widest sets of improvements yet. In fact, the entry point 600 series is only second to the flagship 800 series in terms of its longevity within the brand’s established product ranges.

Bowers Wilkins

The line includes the 603 S3 multi-driver floorstander, two standmounts in the 606 S3 and 607 S3, and the bespoke HTM-6 S3 centre channel speaker. The 600 Series 3 features a new 25 mm titanium tweeter across all the models and is, as always, developed in-house. The new driver employs a tapered tube which is longer than the previous generation’s and is said to reduce the resonance distortions created by the dome’s back wave. The technology is a modified version inherited from Bowers & Wilkins’ more upmarket offerings. The tweeter’s dome is constructed from a 25 micron layer of titanium which is reinforced via a 30 micron titanium bracing ring. The tweeter’s mounting plate is inherited from the 700 series brethren while the metal protective grille design comes via the 800 flagship series.

The midrange and mid-bass drivers in the 600 series feature Bowers & Wilkins’ Continuum diaphragm material (an FST surround-less version for the top-of-the-line 603 S3) while being improved with the larger magnet motor assemblies used in the 700 series. The 703 S3 magnet systems for the bass drivers have also trickled down to the paper cone drivers used in the 600 Series 3. The bass drivers are supported by a reflex port system also taken from the 700 Series. The drivers are augmented via an improved crossover deign which incorporates higher quality components and superior bypass capacitors also derived from the 700 Series.

Bowers Wilkins

The cabinet architectures have been enhanced with an improved bracing scheme making for an overall stiffer, more solid enclosure. The trims around the tweeter and midrange drivers are now intersecting in an effort to improve imaging and overall coherency. In a strategy designed to improve performance and physical stability, the two 606 S3 and 607 S3 standmount speakers now feature threaded metal inserts for coupling to the 600 Series 3 dedicated FS-600 S3 stands (AU$499 for a pair).

The top model is the 603 S3 3-way (AU$3499) which features the new 25 mm titanium, a 150 mm FST Continuum cone midrange and twin 165 mm paper cone bass drivers. The top standmount in the 600 Series 3 is the 606 S3 (AU$1499) which houses the same 25 mm titanium tweeter and a bespoke 165 mm Continuum mid-bass driver while its 607 S3 (AU$1149) stablemate’s smaller enclosure features the same 25 mm titanium tweeter coupled to a 130 mm Continuum mid-bass driver.

Bowers Wilkins

The 600 S3 loudspeakers are offered in a choice of Oak, White, Black and Red Cherry. The FS-600 S3 speaker stands can be purchased in either silver or black. The new speakers will be available in Australia from September 2023 via importer Masimo Consumer’s Australia-wide specialist dealer network.

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Dave Sheen, Brand President of Bowers & Wilkins told SoundStage! Australia, “After nearly 30 years of continual evolution and improvement, we believe that the latest 600 Series S3 continues to set a benchmark in its category. Cascading key technologies down from our high-end loudspeaker ranges means everyone experiencing the new 600 Series will enjoy performance that genuinely delivers on our promise of True Sound and brings the listener closer than ever to the artist’s intent.”

Bowers & Wilkins 600 Series 3 Loudspeakers
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Australian Distributor: Masimo Consumer
+61 2 9196 8990