IsoTek Expanded Range of V5 Power Products Now Available

Power specialist IsoTek has expanded its V5 range of AC distribution and filtering products featuring a comprehensive upgrade to specifications and overall protection. They are now available in Australia.

The range is crowned by the flagship V5 Elektra component-styled power distribution unit which is available in a silver or black aluminium finish. The V5 Elektra features six outlets including six “power cleaning networks” with a maximum instantaneous protection of up to 67,500A.

Two outlets are dedicated to high current equipment like amplifiers and each features a two-stage high-current AC cleaning system. The remaining four outlets cater to medium-demand components such as preamplifiers and source components. Each outlet features IsoTek’s six-stage ‘delta filter’ power cleaning network scheme.


Furthermore, IsoTek includes five additional independent filter stages (this is said to be twice that of the EVO3 Aquarius while also providing 40% more current capability) plus the company’s ‘Adaptive Gating’ system which has been engineered to eliminate “Differential Mode cross-contamination” between power outlets. The combined strategies are claimed to provide 20 dB of power cleaning at 1kHz (referenced at 600 ohms), with that figure increasing to nearly 40 dB at 10 kHz (stated as being ten times greater than the recommended standard).

The V5 Elektra’s circuit design is supported via high quality electronic components and high-grade circuit boards featuring heavy copper tracks and are silver plated to “improve amperage and decrease resistance”. The internal wiring scheme features oxygen-free 6N multi-strand conductors with an FEP dielectric design.

Rounding out IsoTek’s V5 range are the V5 Gemini (two AC outlets), V5 Polaris (six AC outlets), and V5 Corvus (nine AC outlets) multi-socket power boards with built-in filtering and up to 45,000A of instantaneous protection.


All four products are now fitted with a system link outlet allowing outlet extension and integration of a variety of IsoTek’s products while maintaining a starred earth reference. An IsoTek Initium cable is provided as a standard feature with Elektra, Corvus, and Polaris power distributors.

IsoTek products are distributed in Australia via Interdyn and can be auditioned via a country-wide specialist audio dealer network.

IsoTek V5 Power Distribution
Price: V5 Elektra AU$2599, V5 Corvus AU$1479, V5 Polaris AU$1099 & V5 Gemini AU$599

Australian Distributor: Interdyn
+61 3 9426 3600