Tub's Audio Frequinox Speakers

New Zealand’s Tub’s Audio has recently announced its newest creation, the Frequinox, a speaker promising wide frequency response and high efficiency via a time-aligned horn hybrid design. The company is ramping up for production later in in 2017 with availability slated for early 2018.

Based in the mountain-circled windy city of Wellington New Zealand, Tub’s Audio has developed the Frequinox based on his preferred technologies and fine-tuning in varied environments while seeking the opinions of Wellington’s experienced audiophiles.

“At Tub’s Audio we say that we make speakers for people who love to listen”, explains company principle and designer Toby Shaughnessy. “We think a good speaker, like a good friend, or city, or perhaps a cat, should provide an involving and expanding oasis that can be enjoyed for a minute, or hours on end.”

Shaughnessy continues, “We had designed Frequinox to deliver even frequency response and truthful dynamics from top to bottom, to integrate easily into different rooms, and most importantly, to move people emotionally.”

The Frequinox uses a 15-inch paper-cone woofer featuring a large ceramic magnet (small scale bass horn technology used inside the cabinet), a 2-inch Alnico compression midrange driver with proprietary cellulous and nanofiber blend diaphragm and an “in-house design 0.5-inch exit neodymium super-tweeter with annular diaphragm”. This, of course, is a very high sensitivity design and Tub’s Audio has quoted a 98dB efficiency and a benign 8 ohms impedance, which should make for an extremely easy to drive speaker, even for flea-power valve designs. The frequency response is a respectable 30Hz to 30kHz.

The Frequinox from New Zealand’s Tub’s Audio has been in design and development for than two years, which involved exhausting fine-tuning and listening sessions. The Frequinox speaker will be shipping early 2018.

Tub’s Audio Frequinox speakers
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