Wilson Audio Surfaces Submerge Subwoofer

Utah-based loudspeaker and acoustics specialist Wilson Audio has announced a new addition to its low-frequency transducer line-up in the new Submerge high-power subwoofer.

An upsize from Wilson Audio Special Applications Engineering’s (WASAE) close sibling Lōke, the new Submerge subwoofer features a proprietary dual spider, high-excursion 300 mm (12 inch) driver said to operate pistonically. The driver is mounted on a thick machined aluminium plate which, along with the proprietary cabinet material, makes for an “extremely damped” and super-stiff enclosure.

The extension and low-end power of the driver is enhanced by in-built and customised Digital Signal Processing (DSP) coupled to the rear panel’s high-power amplifier stated to provide a substantial 1600 watts. On said rear panel, the connectivity options feature RCA and XLR socketry in both stereo and mono configurations. Multiple on/off functionality is provided via 12V in/out triggers.


The DSP circuitry has been designed to be by-passable in order to provide an unhindered path for processor’s embedded in home cinema systems or for system configurations featuring external crossovers such as Wilson Audio’s own ActivXO dual-subwoofer crossover.

The Submerge can be fine-tuned via a row of controls placed along a machined plate atop the subwoofer and towards its angled-down front panel. The analogue controls allow accurate setting for Gain, ELF Trim, Delay or Phase, and Low-Pass Frequency. A marking system provides the ability for reverting the settings to their original positions if accidentally changed.


The Submerge cabinet features a mix of Wilson Audio proprietary materials. The front baffle which, of course, houses the 300 mm driver is constructed from S-Material while the remainder of the panels are an X-Material architecture. On the rear, above the amplification housing, a thick T6061 aluminium panel serves as the amplifier’s heatsink while also providing further cabinet reinforcement. The heatsink features a machined decorative pattern said to be inspired by the mountainous landscapes surrounding Provo, Utah.

The full palette of WilsonGloss colours is available for Submerge, as are grille colour combinations, in order to provide a full match to Wilson Audio speakers.


The Submerge subwoofer will be available in Australia via local distributor Advance Audio’s network of country-wide specialist audio dealers.

Wilson Audio Submerge Subwoofer
Price: TBA

Australian Distributor: Advance Audio Australia
+61 2 9561 0799