Musical Fidelity Announces Nu-Vista DAC and Nu-Vista Vinyl 2 Phono Stage

Further Nu-Vista products have been launched by Musical Fidelity, with the flagship line-up now augmented by the massively-built Nu-Vista DAC and Nu-Vista Vinyl 2 phono stage.

Both the Nu-Vista DAC and Nu-Vista Vinyl 2 continue the over-built design language, with the massive, machined chassis and Nuvistor valve implementation in novel circuitry. Both can accept an optional upgrade via the new ‘Uni’ external power supply.

The Nu-Vista DAC employs two dual-differential Sabre ES9038Q2M converter chips from renowned digital specialist ESS Technology. As far as the valves, the DAC features four Nuvistor 7586. The circuit is fully balanced and incorporates a discrete Class-A amplifier buffer.


The digital architecture allows high-resolution playback at up to 32-bit/768 kHz PCM and native DSD512 (DSD256 DoP) via the USB input (multi-core RISC architecture and CPLD Max Altera II processors). MQA is available from the DAC’s USB and S/PDIF inputs. While on inputs, there are the abovementioned USB 2.0, three Toslink optical, I2S HDMI (Musical Fidelity is teasing an upcoming Nu-Vista CD player as a possible mate), S/PDIF coaxial RCA and AES/EBU via XLR. Analogue outputs include both unbalanced RCA and balanced XLR. Multi-pin sockets allow connectivity to the ‘Uni’ external upgraded power supply.

The internal power supply is immense and features Musical Fidelity’s large ‘Super Silent Power Transformers’ encapsulated toroidal transformers, discrete power filtering and a PCB dedicated to DC blocking. The analogue stages also have their own power supply.

The internal clock and “Time Domain Jitter Eliminator” in a proprietary circuit, is said to feature less than 100 femtoseconds of jitter. The DAC’s design allows filter switching, including a new proprietary filter with “optimum transient response”. There’s also on-board optional sampling and reclocking and an oversampling switchable bypass mode (bypasses FIR filters).

The Nu-Vista Vinyl 2 phono stage is also a technical tour-de-force. It’s a fully balanced discrete design featuring a three-part transistor-based Class-A gain stage. The valve stage is, of course, Nuvistor-based. The EQ stage is fully passive in “two separate stages (split-passive)” a methodology Musical Fidelity states is more challenging and costly to design and implement but which can provide better impedance matching and lower deviation from the optimum EQ curve. Musical Fidelity has included an RIAA curve, plus DECCA and Colombia curves, both of which are less common options in terms of competing phono stage products.


As far as cartridge matching, the Nu-Vista Vinyl 2 provides comprehensive options. For starters, it caters to both Moving Coil (MC) and Moving Magnet (MM) cartridges while the relay-switched gain options span from 40dB to 49dB for MM and 60dB to 69dB for MC cartridges.

The capacitance options are switched via JFET transistors and offer a range between 50pF and 400pF while impedance is 47 kohms for MM. MM Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) is quoted as being under 0.005% at 1 kHz. MC options range from 5 ohms to 47 kohms input impedance while the capacitance is fixed at 400pF. THD for MC at 1 kHz is under 0.008%.

The Nu-Vista Vinyl 2 phono stage features a plethora of input and output options. There are two balanced XLR inputs and two unbalanced RCA inputs, each with its own gold plated grounding post. Outputs are offered in both balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA options. Again, several multi-pin sockets provide for the Uni external power supply upgrade.

Again, Musical Fidelity has incorporated a massive power supply with equal technology attention to detail as employed on Nu-Vista DAC, including the encapsulated ‘Super Silent Power Transformers’. The “heroic” chassis design is a match for Nu-Vista DAC and other Nu-Vista products.


The Nu-Vista DAC and Nu-Vista Vinyl 2 phono stage are due for imminent landing and will be available in Australia via importer Audio Marketing’s established country-wide audio specialist dealer network.

Nu-Vista DAC and Nu-Vista Vinyl 2 Phono Stage
Price: AU$20,000 each (Uni external power supply pricing unavailable)

Australian Distributor: Audio Marketing
+61 2 9882 3877