Special Tidal Offer for KEF LS50W Purchasers

Advance Audio, of Australia, has announced a limited bonus offer for new KEF LS50W buyers. Sixty (60) Tidal High Fidelity streaming 90-day subscriptions are available for new subscribers and new LS50W purchasers. The three-month subscription bonus offer has no time limit (while subscriptions last) and the bonus offer is redeemable online only.

Details on how to redeem the Tidal-three month subscription online is available at dealer point of purchase.

Later this month, we will be publishing an in-depth review of this very interesting new offering from KEF’s ever-expanding product line-up. The LS50W presents an all-in-one solution that builds on the original LS50 legacy - itself a passive speaker of remarkable performance. The LS50W features advanced technologies such as 24-bit/192kHz resolution DAC per channel, a streamer/preamplifier, speaker placement contour adjustment, DSP for accurate time alignment, powerful amplification and more.

Advance Audio distributes KEF products in Australia, in addition to Wilson Audio, Arcam, Dan D’Agostino, dCS, Nordost, VTL and many more. For more details on Advance Audio, visit www.advanceaudio.com.au.