Lindemann Back in Australia

Revered German company Lindemann, now in the main a digital specialist, is back in Australia via new distribution partner Magenta Audio.

The near-30-year-old company, once known for innovative high-end electronics and speaker systems, is now again being offered on these shores. Lindemann has changed its product portfolio dramatically and is now a digital specialist offering two lines of sophisticated and advanced digital playback products which have received high acclaim and garnered numerous awards throughout Europe. The playback electronics are supported by high quality Class-D amplification.

Lindemann’s product lines are split into the upper-market Musicbook and the small-format entry-level Limetree series. The Musicbook line features Musicbook: Source, a complete digital and analogue hub solution with high-res streaming capabilities via Lindemann’s own streaming platform (with dedicated iOS and Android app), the company’s preferred DSD conversion of digital data, Roon Readiness, multi-room capability, preamplifier functionality with two line inputs, a built-in phono stage, digital inputs and more. Streaming services available are Tidal, Qobuz, Spotify (imminent availability, HighResAudio and more. In other words a complete solution which can be further optioned with a CD drive.


The Musicbook: Source can be connected to a Musicbook: Power 500 or Musicbook: Power 1000, two options for amplification using the highly respected Ncore Class-D technology. The Musicbook: Power 500 or Musicbook: Power 1000 power amplifiers offer 250 watts (4 ohms) and 500 watts (4 ohms) per channel respectively, accept XLR balanced connectivity and have an input impedance of 50 kohms. Frequency response is quoted as 1H to 45kHz (-3dB) with a Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) under 0.003% and a Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) at over 110dB.

The Lindemann Limetree series offers diminutive solutions and an alternative portfolio of products to contrast the higher-end Musicbook series. The Limetree line features small format components bearing a model nomenclature reflecting the components function. So, there’s the Phono phono stage (you get the idea), Headphone, Network and Bridge. Further products to expand the Limetree line are slated for release soon.

LindemannLindemann 820 SACD Player (2004), successor to D 680, Germany’s first SACD player

Lindemann’s Musicbook and Limetree products are designed in Germany and built throughout Europe. The Lindemann range of products are available in Australia via established audio specialist dealers around the country.

Lindemann Musicbook and Limetree Products
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Australian Distribution: Magenta Audio
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