Vinyl Record Cleaning System Expands Cleaning Options

The indisputable efficacy of the Vinyl Record Cleaning System’s Easy Spread n’ Peel (ESP) is now enhanced by further options to restore and maintain your records in pristine condition.

To support the new products, the Vinyl Record Cleaning Company has also launched a new website (see details below) featuring comprehensive information on all things cleaning vinyl including the company’s pay-per-record cleaning service. The company’s efficient VRC System kit, which features a deceptively simple record platter and stacking system, is now enhanced by three choices in cleaning potions to match record condition.

The new ESP formulations now allow different levels of vinyl cleaning and protection, starting from ESP Green which should be used with new and/or well-kept records to remove vinyl pressing production residues and minor dust. As an added benefit, ESP Green also provides all-important-for-good-playback anti-static treatment.

Vinyl Record Cleaning

ESP Gold can be used for on-going regular maintenance in order to maintain a dust-free vinyl surface and overall groove protection. ESP Gold also provides valuable anti-static treatment. Lastly, the alarmingly-called ESP Red provides a “deep clean” for older records which, over the years, have developed stubborn mould and suffer dust-stuffed grooves. “Banish mould growths that may have developed from spores lying undisturbed in the grooves,” says VRC and here at SoundStage! Australia we can testify to the effectiveness of this cleaning system’s power to clean and protect. As we found, the deep-seated growths and general muck that lurk in the deepest corners of the grooves are eliminated by applying and peeling ESP Red. This powerful cleaner is also anti-static capable.

We highly recommend the full system kit because it includes all you’ll need to clean your records, with your choice then being which ESP is your potion. Lacking the worst case scenario of unplayable records, a long-term sensible approach would entail stocking ESP Green and Gold for regular maintenance of new and existing vinyl.

Vinyl Record Cleaning

Vinyl Record Cleaning Company’s Founder Stephen Price told SoundStage! Australia, “We are very excited with the release of our expanded VRC Easy Spread n' Peel range. ESP has quickly become a leader in its field through its ability to thoroughly deep clean a record's grooves whilst eliminating static electricity.” Price went on to say, “Our VRC method cleans without the need for electricity, without noise and without messy mixing of chemicals. It’s all described on our newly launched website which also offers an online store.”

Yes Mr Price, even as far as vinyl, cleanliness is next to Godliness…

Vinyl Record Cleaning System Easy Spread n’ Peel
Price: VRC Mini System from AU$110.95, ESP liquid from AU$44.95/bottle

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