Ayre Acoustics With Audio Magic

Australian distributor Audio Magic has announced it has acquired representation for the highly respected American brand Ayre Acoustics, more colloquially referred to as just ‘Ayre’.

The addition of Ayre to Audio Magic’s portfolio extends the distributor’s reach, for the brand, from high quality entry level products such as Ayre’s 8 series, which features the recently-released advanced EX-8 integrated amplifier (AU$11,500) with its expandable modular architecture, to lofty high-end power amplification via the highly acclaimed MX-R Twenty monoblock amplifiers retailing at AU$27,800 each.

Ayre Acoustics is renowned for its advancement, with the company developing a number of technologies which have set it apart in terms of circuit innovation. The ‘Double Diamond’ output stages are highly engineered as are Ayre’s ‘AyreLock’ linear power supplies, among other circuit innovations.

Audio Magic’s Aleksandar Maksimovic told SoundStage! Australia, “We are proudly announcing the start of distribution of Ayre in Australia, the brand that does not accept compromise when it comes to the creation of an audio system and components. Tradition, engineering, innovation and vision are just a few adjectives that decorate Ayre’s products. The aforementioned values go effortlessly along with the attributes of the other Audio Magic brands.”

Ayre Acoustics

Regarding the other brands, Audio Magic has expanded its product portfolio over the last few years to include prestigious brands such as Harbeth, Lumin, Vinnie Rossi, Boenicke Audio, Bauer Audio, Tellurium Q and many more.

Ayre Acoustics products will start arriving into the country over the next few weeks and will be available in Australia via established networks (contact Audio Magic for your nearest specialist retailer).

Ayre Acoustics
Australian Distributor: Audio Magic
+61 3 9489 5122