DEQX Expands Its Offerings With a Team of Amplifiers

Australian digital specialist DEQX has built a remarkable reputation based on being one of the first designers of true high-end digital multi-tasking processors. Now, to compliment these highly-evolved components, DEQX announces the High Definition A Series amplifiers.

Based out of Groningen in the Netherlands, Hypex has been instrumental in taking Class-D technology to new heights in terms of sound quality and adaptable open-endedness. Despite DEQX’s HD A Series amplifiers being diminutive in size, they pack a wallop in terms of power. The NCore technology has been available in a number of power options with DEQX configuring its most powerful amplifier, the A500x1 as a bridged 500 watts monoblock amplifier capable of driving 4 ohm loads (6 to 8 ohms recommended). The range is expanded with the A250x2 stereo amplifier (250 watts x 2) and the A250x3 three-channel amplifier (250 watts dual channel and 100 watts single). All the new amplifiers feature balanced inputs and remote 12 volt triggers for activation via DEQX’s preamplifier/processors.


Of course the mating of the new amplifiers to DEQX’s highly-acclaimed preamplifier/processors allows for a number of benefits. For starters, the full suite of digital equalisation, Digital-to-Analogue Conversion and room correction features can be implemented into an existing speaker system which can take advantage of the ample power on offer.

Further, advantages can also be had by DEQX’s processors and new amplifiers being implemented within the context of an active system. The varying channel configurations of the A Series amplifiers can be used to actively power any speaker system, whether a 2-way, 3-way or 4-way. The by-passing of passive crossovers and feeding individual drivers with dedicated amplification pays major dividends, at the very least, in terms of dynamic expression, while ultimate detail retrieval can come about due to the vanishingly low distortion of active systems. In added benefits, the high damping factors of over 1000 (measured at 20kHz with a 4 ohms load) promise tight driver control no matter the cone size.


The new High Defintion A Series amplifiers are available in Australia and overseas via DEQX’s established dealer network or via the company’s website. DEQX provides US dollar pricing on its website (see below).

Australian Distributor: DEQX
+61 2 9905­ 6277

Price: A500x1 US$1345, A250x2 US$1345 and A250x3 US$1495