SoundStage! Originals - All Series and Episodes

Vivid Audio's Inventive and Spectacular S12 Loudspeaker - SoundStage! InSight (August 2020)

Qobuz Hi-Res Traction and Younger Listeners, with David Solomon - SoundStage! Talks (July 2020)

Schiit Audio Ragnarok 2 Integrated Amplifier Review (Take 2, Ep:7)

Schiit Audio Bifrost 2 DAC Review (Take 2, Ep:6)

Vinshine Audio: Kinki Studio, Magico, and More in Singapore - SoundStage! Talks (July 2020)

Focal Shape 65 Active Speaker is a Winner for Both Audiophiles and Studios (Take 2, Ep:5)

"Master Class" Sound with Mark Levinson - SoundStage! Talks (July 2020)

Audio Research's 50th Anniversary Products, Celebration, and Future - SoundStage! Talks (July 2020)

Get Closer to Your Music with the HEDD Type 07 Active Speaker -- Literally. (Take 2, Ep:4) #AMTfi

Back to the "Golden Age" of Tube Amps - Luxman LX-380 Integrated Amplifier Review (Take 2, Ep:3)

Details on the Bowers & Wilkins 700-Series Signature Speakers - SoundStage! Talks (June 2020)

Totem Acoustic Skylight Speaker Review! Affordable Speakers with a Big Sound (Take 2, Ep:2)

Activities at Hi-Fi Super-Retailer Goodwin's High End - SoundStage! Talks (June 2020)

The Long-Term Investment in a Bryston Amplifier - SoundStage! Talks (June 2020)

PMC and the Flagship Fenestria Loudspeaker - 2019 SoundStage! Product of the Year Winner (June 2020)

Hegel H120 Integrated Amplifier Review. Living With It for the Past 3 Months! (Take 2, Ep:1)

The Power, Purpose, and Appeal of Bluesound's Powernode 2i Amplifier - SoundStage! Talks (June 2020)

Buying Active, Powered, or Passive Speakers for the Studio - SoundStage! Encore (June 2020)

Buying Speakers for a Teenager - SoundStage! Talks (May 2020)

Focal's Speaker Driver-Cone Materials - SoundStage! Talks (May 2020)

Dutch & Dutch 8c Active Loudspeaker in Detail - SoundStage! InSight (June 2020)

Gryphon's Flagship CD Player and Yamaha's New Turntable in Australia - SoundStage! Talks (May 2020)

Gryphon's New Class-A Essence Amplifiers - SoundStage! Talks (May 2020)

Vivid Audio's Laurence Dickie, Designer of the B&W Nautilus - SoundStage! Icons (June 2020)

Rockport Speakers Now Come in Colors - SoundStage! Talks (May 2020)

Deep Inside Crystal Cable - SoundStage! InSight (May 2020)

High-Res and Multichannel for Music Playback - SoundStage! Encore (May 2020)

KEF's Dr. Jack Oclee-Brown on Speaker Design - SoundStage! Icons (May 2020)

Intro to Dutch & Dutch and the 8c Active Loudspeaker - SoundStage! InSight (April 2020)

Siltech Past to Present - From Cables to Amplifiers to Speakers (March 2020)

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SoundStage! Australia launched on July 1, 2017. One of its purposes is to inform Australian audiophiles; however, since it resides online, it can be read and enjoyed worldwide.

In charge of SoundStage! Australia is well-respected hi-fi journalist Edgar Kramer. Prior to leading SoundStage! Australia, Edgar contributed to the following print and online publications: Audio Esoterica as editor, and Australian Hi-Fi and Sound+Image as a reviews editor, and as a senior reviewer.

From his headquarters, in the beautiful Blue Mountains in Sydney, Australia, Edgar’s responsibilities include writing feature articles and reviews, in addition to leading the site’s team of reviewers, who are all Australians. SoundStage! Australia was created as a platform for the Australian hi-fi scene, so it’s natural that all the content originates there.

australia doug jeffEdgar Kramer (center) with SoundStage!’s Doug Schneider (left) and Jeff Fritz at High End 2017

Although SoundStage! Australia is its own entity, it is part of SoundStage!, which helps to expand its recognition and global reach. Founded in 1995 as a single online publication, SoundStage! has grown to include ten online publications and resource sites, making it the world’s largest network of online publications and resources for audio, home theater, music, and movies. SoundStage! also creates high-quality video content, which can be found on YouTube through the following URL: SoundStage.TV.

To learn more about SoundStage, visit or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

To learn more about SoundStage! Australia or to contact Edgar Kramer directly, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..