Steinway Lyngdorf Under New Australian & New Zealand Distributorship

BusiSoft AV has obtained the Australian and New Zealand distribution rights for Danish company Steinway Lyngdorf and its sub-set brands Steinway & Sons and Lyngdorf Audio.

The new partnership commenced 1 May 2020 and sees Steinway Lyngdorf’s sub-brand products now being represented in Australia by major distributor BusiSoft AV. The partnership encompasses Steinway & Sons and Lyngdorf Audio and the arrangement coincides with a new important product release from Lyngdorf Audio in the new MP-40, a highly advanced high-end surround sound processor with cutting-edge technology and compatibility with the latest digital surround formats.

Steinway Lyngdorf

Steinway & Sons offers a wide range of electronics and loudspeaker designs to be both free-standing and as high-end integrated products, the latter featuring upmarket in-wall, on-wall, in-ceiling and boundary low-frequency reinforcement. All of the loudspeaker products are supported by high-end electronics encompassing multi-channel surround processors, audio streamers, a CD player and high-technology Class-D amplification.

For truly high-end freestanding loudspeakers, Steinway & Sons offers a variety of solutions from the standmount S-15, through to the large environment line-source dipole LS models and on to the extraordinary and highly-acclaimed über high-end flagship Model D.

Steinway Lyngdord

In a pure reflection of its sibling’s product portfolio, Lyngdorf Audio also offers an extensive range of electronics featuring near-identical product categories. The Lyngdorf electronics take full advantage of the company’s proprietary ‘RoomPerfect’, a powerful state-of-the-art digital processing technology which achieves an optimum acoustic relationship between electronics, loudspeakers and the listening environment.

In the case of loudspeakers, Lyngdorf Audio keeps its range down to small surface-mounted/on-wall types while also offering complimentary high-end furniture options via a partnership with Danish specialist Clic (coincidentally also represented by BusiSoft AV in Australia and New Zealand). All products from both Steinway & Sons and Lyngdorf Audio are designed and manufactured in Denmark.

Steinway Lyngdorf

BusiSoft AV Founder George Poutakidis has told SoundStage! Australia, “Steinway Lyngdorf are true high-end luxury products and they demand a different market approach. BusiSoft will be marketing the brand via luxury channels in order to communicate with a wider audience in addition to the more traditional audiophile and enthusiast end-user.” Poutakidis went on to say, “Over the next months we will be determining what level of products we will take it to, with the flagship products to be possibly represented via experience centres in at least two major capital cities, most obviously Sydney and Melbourne.”  

Steinway Lyngdorf Products
Australian Distributor: BusiSoft AV
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